Pergola Build or Buy?

Today, as many people think pergolas can be a positive addition to their gardens, they are becoming very popular. Those that know how to build a pergola may opt to build their own, whilst many others are deciding to buy one of the many types that are now available in kit form.

Whether you know how to build a pergola or not, the cost of a good one is no longer so prohibitive as their increased popularity has enabled them to become available at less expensive prices. The kits, whilst often requiring very little work to construct, can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, uses and materials, almost certainly one of which will cater to your needs.

For those that don’t exactly know what a pergola is, let me explain. A gazebo is the name given to any kind of outside building that is part of a larger property. This therefore takes in a very large scope and is inclusive of any shape, size or purpose. A pergola is a form of gazebo but is more particularly one that is either square or rectangular in shape and can include arbours which are specifically used for the growing of vines. It is therefore possible for a pergola to be attached to a house, perhaps extending a living area or being self-standing, isolated in any part of the garden. The size is obviously optional and will often depend on the purpose for which it is wanted.

The size of pergola can vary from larger ones that are to be used as extensions to a house or as bandstands or central points for other forms of entertainment, perhaps outside dinner parties to smaller ones that are intended as private, more personal areas such as surrounding a hot tub or providing a secluded reading area.
The styles of pergolas can also be varied and so can accommodate most people’s preferences. You could have one that brings a Roman touch to your garden or Victorian era elegance, perhaps one that is used more as an arbour and enhances the looks of an already beautifully flowered garden.

Pergola kits now come in a variety of materials offering you a choice that will fit nicely in with the look of your garden or perhaps your house. The different materials you choose though, will obviously affect the price you pay but having a wide choice makes it possible for you to find one that will fit into your budget, hopefully with still a few alternatives available.

Knowing how to build a pergola is still useful but you still need to buy the materials and perhaps buy or rent the tools if necessary, plus of course and probably more importantly is finding the time with which to build it. With the vast array of choices now available to buy a pergola in kit form and the quantities with which they are being bought, increasingly brings a kit form pergola a financially more attractive option, especially as some can be erected in just a couple of hours.